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We are providing sms solution for various needs

SMS Gateway Provider is supported by many Telecom providers ranging from Marketing bulk sms to Transactional SMS.

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Welcome to SMS Gateway Provider


SmsGatewayProvider offers varied services - Bulk/Marketing SMS & Transactional SMS. The gateway is perfectly tuned and offers the services in different cost slabs. Before making the purchase, we offer trail SMS services and on the satisfaction of the customer we proceed with real SMS package delivery We provide a cost-effective solution for SMS.

All you need to do is prepare you customer database with valid mobile numbers, connect to the internet, trigger sending, check the SMS acknowledgment or SMS Report and disconnect. We provide control panel, wherein you can monitor the status like available SMS Credits, Validitiy, critical information etc.


Think out of the box and set the stage for your business to go in greater heights. Small to medium business groups can take advantage of the lower cost SMS and voice solutions that Avance Zone provides. A wide range of potential application can be made of with help of the Voice Solutions we offer. If you wish to capture your sales and widen up your business to various places, you need to think of SMS and Voice solutions that make your marketing strategy more effective.


We are the Official SMS Gateway providers serving many customers and resellers in different routes depending on their requitement.

  • Multiple Gateway Support
  • Priority messaging
  • Delivery receipts for all SMS Routes
  • Support for most of all the Network providers (Airtel, Aircel, Vodaphone, Reliance, TATA etc)
  • 24/7 support ticket system.
  • Free Excel Plugin software.
  • Premium High speed gateway
  • Challenging Network stability. i.e  supports ~10,000 SMS at a time
  • Free Sender ID   (For instance TA-Free, TM-HDFCBank etc) - On Transactional Approval
  • 100% TRAI Rule Safe DND Gateway.
  • Faster Activation of SENDER ID's and Other service requests


Choose your SMS Route.

Confused ? Visit SMS Route Difference

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SmsGatewayProvider India's 1'st Multi Route
No Single Operator Lock !!

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06 Jan 2013

SMS Gateway are in Final agreement with new venture to support international SMS

21 May 2011

Our company is now partnered with Many service providers to provider better SMS Gateway Solutions



“Your Guidance in Integration of SMS API in Visual Basic for our school application is very appreciable.”

- Sam (Sam Designing Works)


“ Your Pricing is affordable and Quality are best in Industry”

- Prem kumar