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-: Bulk SMS Hike Price November 2012 Airtel interconnect charges :-

Dear Sir/s,
There has been a sudden and unprecedented escalation in bulk SMS rates from ALL operators offering the service. This hike applies to both TRANSACTIONAL and PROMOTIONAL messages.
This sudden and manifold hike is due to a TDSAT ruling (see links below) in favour of Airtel requiring operators offering bulk SMS services to pay interconnect charges (this is over and above the 5 paisa surcharge implemented by TRAI for promotional messaging) and make retrospective payments to the tune of hundreds of crores.

Refer Pricing for updated Price List

We request your immediate confirmation on acceptance of revised rates and issuance of fresh purchase orders. Accounts where e mail acceptance have been received shall continue unhindered. The rest shall be suspended till acceptance is confirmed in writing. All Pre paid SMS credits will be converted pre rated based on new rates as per the decision today this may change.

The e mail conformations must reach us in the time mentioned above failing which SMS accounts may be temporarily suspended. We request other formalities like BG/PDC and Fresh PO's to be completed before 5 PM on Saturday 8th November.

We apologize unconditionally for being the bearer of this extremely unhappy news and the huge inconvenience this will obviously cause to you, but this announcement by operators was so sudden and price hike so steep and this situation was hopelessly beyond our control.

Thanks for your co-operation


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06 Jan 2013

SMS Gateway are in Final agreement with new venture to support international SMS

21 May 2011

Our company is now partnered with Many service providers to provider better SMS Gateway Solutions



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